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NEXT MEETING is Monday, October 20th.   

Our Next Executive Committee Meeting will be held at 6:30 on Monday, October 20th.  We will meet in our Campaign Headquarters located at 40 N.Main St., Mars Hill (the old Main Street Deli building).  We will be making plans for Election Day activities as well as our Victory Celebration!!

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A reminder from Mike Gahagan: When voting on the electronic voting machines – make sure that the person you vote for prints and is displayed on the paper roll correctly (this roll is displayed on the left side of the voting machine. The roll is separate from the computer screen. Thank you for Voting.

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Please join me in welcoming our NEW Vice-Chair, Jewel Olvera.  We are excited to ad her to our Republican family in this new role for her.  Thank you for being willing to serve the great people of Madison County!!

Welcome aboard!!

Matthew Wechtel

Chairman, Madison County GOP

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Congratulations to Dyatt Smathers and Ray Lewis on their new positions with the Madison County Board of Elections.  Ray Lewis was sworn in by the Honorable Jim Baker as the newest Board Member on Wednesday, June 11th.  Ray’s first action was to nominate Dyatt Smathers as the new Chairman of the Board and Ray was then nominated to fill Dyatt’s former Secretary position.  We look forward to the upcoming elections in November.

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Thanks to everyone who got out and voted in the Primary Election.  

Congratulations to State Senator Ralph Hise, our next District Attorney Seth Banks, our next US Senator Thom Tillis, and our next NC Supreme Court Justice Eric Levinson. We must now all rally behind these winners in order to make sure they win in November. Regardless if these gentlemen were your first choice, we must unify as a Party and propel them to victory in November. NO TAKING YOUR BALL AND GOING HOME!! Stay involved and let’s win!! Also, let’s continue the growing trend of statewide Republican leadership by electing a majority Republican County Commission.  

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Unbelievably Attorney General Roy Cooper is doubling down on his support for same-sex “marriage.”

Last week we told you about his decision to headline a major fundraising event for EqualityNC – the very group that is pushing the challenge to our marriage amendment.

Well this week the Attorney General announced that he personally supports same-sex “marriage”.

This is the Attorney General that we are depending on to protect our Marriage Amendment and defend North Carolina’s Constitution in Court!

To make matters worse, immediately following the Attorney General’s announcement yesterday that he supports allowing same-sex couples to marry, the Register of Deeds in Buncombe County announced that he would accept applications for marriage licenses for same-sex couples.

This is a clear and deliberate violation of the law!

It’s obvious we can’t depend on the Attorney General. Elected public officials are not allowed to violate the will of the majority of voters in North Carolina just because they do not like the law, and our Attorney General should not be parading around the State undermining the very laws he is charged with defending. 

The Attorney General owes his allegiance to the people of our State who passed our marriage laws by referendum, not to his own political ambitions.

We can’t depend on Roy Cooper to defend the amendment when he is clearly focusing on running for another political office.  This guy has already announced that he’s running for Governor in 2016.  We are paying him with our tax dollars to campaign for the next 3+years.

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