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There is a faction of the county that has cooked up the short-sighted idea to get Republicans to change to Unaffiliated prior to the Primary Election in order to vote in the democrat Sheriff Primary.


Please let me remind you that the last time some of our Republican “friends” had this brilliant idea we ended up with Obama as our President.


Before you switch your voter affiliation (and it’s not too late to switch back once you read this nugget of common sense, but you gotta do it ASAP) consider that you will be forfeiting your opportunity to vote in the Republican Primary for our US Senator, our State Senator and our next District Attorney. I urge you to consider what you will be giving up in exchange for getting mixed-up in somebody else’s fight. Please think it through.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Matthew Wechtel

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Via WLOS-TV, Updated: Monday, April 7 2014, 05:51 PM EDT


The early retirement of a local district attorney is causing a delay in court cases. One case involves Jackie Lunsford, who was supposed to be arraigned Monday morning. He’s accused in the 2012 death of Michelle Collins. She died after Lunsford crashed into her car. But serious cases in Madison County have been placed on hold, leaving families to wait. 


“I know the trial’s going to be very hard cause there’s going to be a lot of stuff disclosed and it’s just something we need to get behind us and move on the best we can,” said Martha Collins, Michelle Collins mother. 


The chief prosecutor says the early retirement of Jerry Wilson has left the office in limbo. She says prosecuting felony cases without a sitting District Attorney could result in automatic appeals. The governor’s office says an appointment is expected soon.

Read More at:

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As part of his closing arguments for candidate John Ledford, former County Attorney Larry Leake summed up the real problem in Madison County politics perfectly. He said something very close to:  ‘Some people laugh at the way we do things in Madison County, and we do take our politics seriously. Sometimes we will argue and fight and things can get pretty heated. But in the end we come to an agreement and it is OK. But to have three outsiders file a complaint against someone like John Ledford is unacceptable.’ And therein lays the essence of the problem in Madison County.

We are all privileged to live in the United States of America and also the wonderful State of North Carolina. Both of them are exceptional partly because one of the most important fundamentals of our governance is the fact that no person is superior to another for any reason including where they have lived for a longer time, owning more  stuff, or perhaps having more influential friends.

But that is exactly the idea held by some people who represent a powerful cabal in the county. For them and the people who support them, the rules either don’t matter or can be bent to suit their personal convenience. So when legally required meeting minutes aren’t recorded while close to a million dollars was spent..that is just fine to them. Some years ago, when an illegal tax assessment reduction of about eight million dollars was given to some friends of the commissioners, it was alright to them. Contractors are paid at least $400,000 over a contracted amount and not one commissioner knows anything about it, but that is acceptable, to them. A member of the Board of Elections is actively supporting a candidate in person and on line.. that is acceptable, to them. When an elected official who has absolutely no authority to do so, offers a high paying job to an unqualified friend, no one says a word, to them.

But Mr. Leake and his friends and supporters find it “unacceptable” when an “outsider” actually dares to hold up the law and asks, “what about this?”

Until Mr. Leake included this sentiment in his closing arguments, this attitude of special rights given to some native Madisonians was only the unspoken, but true position held by one political party in the county. Now, we can set aside any questions we might have had and realize that to some, this county is to be considered theirs to the exclusion of the rest of us.

This unacceptable position is not only immoral and un-American but also in many cases blatantly illegal as well, and it must come to an end…soon.

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2014 Meeting Schedule Announced:  NEXT MEETING May 6th (subject to change as this is Primary Election Day).

We will keep the same meeting schedule for 2014.  The meetings will be the first Tuesday of every month and they begin at 6:30 PM at the Madison County Agricultural Extension Office at the Madison County Fairgrounds.  Please come out and hear from the people you elected to represent us.   Don’t believe rumors…..Come get the inside “dirt” on Madison County and NC politics directly from the people we have elected to represent us.

****Please note, we may consider cancelling or re-scheduling this meeting as May 6th is the same day as the Primary Election

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If you were unable to attend the hearing, follow the link below to watch video(s) of the proceedings and you can formulate your own educated opinions.


Below is an edited/condensed version if you’d like to save some time.

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An open letter to all Republican women in Madison County:

The mission of the of the Madison County Republican Women (MCRW)is to foster loyalty to the Republican Party, to promote its principles and candidates, leading up to, and in the elections. The MCRW will also promote political education, and women in the causes of good government.

A bit about us- MCRW plans to build a better tomorrow by offering women in Madison County an active organization in which to participate as volunteers at every level of county government. The MCRW provides a variety of political involvement for women who share the Republican philosophy. We possess a unique mixture of members of all ages.

We, as citizens of Madison County, have a civic duty to get involved in assisting, informing and working with our candidates, elected officials, and the citizens of our county.

Our future plans involve: Hosting dinners, raffles, email blasts, bulk mailings, phone calls, rallies, musical events, community involvement and volunteering to help our neighbors!…AND we’re gonna have fun doing it!!

To all the ladies who get on board with me on this- if you will help out by selling raffle tickets for the shotgun, I will present a free gift (valued at $50) to the lady who sells the most tickets! If you’d like to learn more, my phone is–828-777-0441, or email me at:

Thank you,
Sandy Williams


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