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This is an actual message I received from a self-described life-long Madison County democrat. Please read it all the way to the end. I think he is trying to defend Pat Franklin, but he has actually reinforced the message on our signs. What do you guys think?? I think we should share this with as many Madison County voters as possible.

Here it is: “I would like to respond to the signs that were put up in front of Ingles on the Marshall by-pass and Ingles in Mars Hill. They seem to indicate that there is something wrong with Pat Franklin who absolutelylikes Barrack Obama and Larry Leake. Remember, Obama is our President and Larry Leake has run Madison County for years, so what is wrong with Pat liking our President and being a close friend to Larry Leake? This is her right and if you ask me, this is smart for Pat. Remember, she has had a good life being Larry’s close friend and she has had a good job with DSS and retired from that and is now drawing county retirement and insurance for life. Larry is still the attorney for the towns of Marshall, Mars Hill and Hot Springs and also most importantly French Broad Electric, so it pays to be his friend. I think Pat is smart to run for County Commissioner and help her friend Larry for a while. He has helped her in the past and for the Republican Party to criticize her for paying her dues to a good friend is simply wrong.”


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NEXT MEETING is Tuesday, November 4th.   

Our Next Executive Committee Meeting/Victory Celebration will be held after the polls close at 7:30 on Tuesday, November 4th.  We will meet in our Campaign Headquarters located at 40 N.Main St., Mars Hill (the old Main Street Deli building).  We will enjoy a Victory Celebration!!…Come join us!!

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A reminder from Mike Gahagan: When voting on the electronic voting machines – make sure that the person you vote for prints and is displayed on the paper roll correctly (this roll is displayed on the left side of the voting machine. The roll is separate from the computer screen. Thank you for Voting.

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Please join me in welcoming our NEW Vice-Chair, Jewel Olvera.  We are excited to ad her to our Republican family in this new role for her.  Thank you for being willing to serve the great people of Madison County!!

Welcome aboard!!

Matthew Wechtel

Chairman, Madison County GOP

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Congratulations to Dyatt Smathers and Ray Lewis on their new positions with the Madison County Board of Elections.  Ray Lewis was sworn in by the Honorable Jim Baker as the newest Board Member on Wednesday, June 11th.  Ray’s first action was to nominate Dyatt Smathers as the new Chairman of the Board and Ray was then nominated to fill Dyatt’s former Secretary position.  We look forward to the upcoming elections in November.

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Thanks to everyone who got out and voted in the Primary Election.  

Congratulations to State Senator Ralph Hise, our next District Attorney Seth Banks, our next US Senator Thom Tillis, and our next NC Supreme Court Justice Eric Levinson. We must now all rally behind these winners in order to make sure they win in November. Regardless if these gentlemen were your first choice, we must unify as a Party and propel them to victory in November. NO TAKING YOUR BALL AND GOING HOME!! Stay involved and let’s win!! Also, let’s continue the growing trend of statewide Republican leadership by electing a majority Republican County Commission.  

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