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    We will have our 2015 Precinct Meetings and Concurrent County Convention on Saturday, March 14th at the Madison County Agricultural Extension Office in Marshall (just below the County Fairgrounds at 258 Carolina Ln., Marshall).  

    9:00am – 9:30am Registration & Fellowship

    9:30am – 10:ooam Precinct Meetings

    10:00am County Convention 

    At the Precinct Meetings, we will elect:  new countywide Precinct Officers and Delegates to the County Convention

    At the County Convention we will elect:  A new County Executive Committee;  Delegates to the 11th District Convention in April; and Delegates to the NC Republican Convention in June.

    NOTE:  You must have been a Registered Republican in Madison County as of 1-31-15 to be eligible to be a delegate at any of the three Conventions mentioned above.

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    Our next Executive Committee Meeting of 2015 will be on Tuesday, March 3rd at 6:30 PM. We are back to meeting at the Agricultural Extension Office in Marshall (County Fairgrounds). We have the FIRST Tuesday of every month reserved there, so unless the new County Chair decides to change it, that will continue to be our schedule.


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    What the Associated Press Refused to Print in its Misleading and Factually Incorrect Attack on Governor McCrory

    “The governor has done everything in a proper and ethical manner. This is a classic example of partisan drive-by journalism that deliberately misrepresents the facts. The AP is making reckless accusations through anonymous people about laws that they cannot cite.” – Josh Ellis, Communications Director

    AP CLAIM: “McCrory and Sanford deny they did anything improper by accepting the payments from, which were not fully described in their ethics statements.”

    WHAT THE AP LEFT OUT: Governor McCrory properly filled out his ethics statement as required by law. That source of income was previously listed in another part of the 2014 SEI form; therefore, the form is in compliance with the State Ethics Act (See NCGS 138A-24A3).

    AP CLAIM: “However, more than a dozen securities lawyers and ethics experts told The Associated Press that such stock payouts are uncommon for elected officials, and raise significant concerns. These experts gave differing opinions about whether laws were broken.

    WHAT THE AP LEFT OUT: What “securities lawyers” and what “ethics experts?” Name them. Not one “expert” was named. These same “experts” said that such stock payouts are uncommon, but it’s the standing board policy of to make these payouts. Do these “experts” know that this was’s policy? Doesn’t sound like it. And as the AP says itself, this was payment that was in fact ENTITLED. More importantly, the AP event contradicts itself saying, “Early vesting of restricted shares for departing directors is not unheard of in the corporate world.”

    AP CLAIM: “AP reported that McCrory, a Duke retiree, held stock in the company as his administration made key regulatory decisions involving his former employer. Those decisions are now the subject of a federal criminal investigation.”

    WHAT THE AP LEFT OUT: This is an outrageous accusation and this is absolutely incorrect – it is a false statement and was printed and published with malice. The AP is saying that the governor is under federal investigation and that is 100% false. Neither the governor nor anyone he hired has been subpoenaed as part of this investigation.

    AP CLAIM: “McCrory declined requests for an interview. In a written statement McCrory spokesman Josh Ellis said the governor fully complied with state law and “continues to uphold high ethical standards.”

    WHAT THE AP LEFT OUT: The AP reporter who wrote this story had dozens of chances to interview the governor. On one single occasion after letting the governor’s office know about this story, he had 15 minutes of the governor’s time with 3-4 other reporters where he asked two questions that weren’t related to this story.

    AP CLAIM: “North Carolina officials are required to disclose their business dealings and their sources of compensation on annual ethics forms. Knowingly providing false information or concealing sources of income is potentially punishable by removal from office and up to eight months in prison.”

    WHAT THE AP LEFT OUT: What the AP fails to mention here is that the governor did nothing wrong, nor has anyone accused him of doing anything wrong, and he fully complied with state ethics laws.

    AP CLAIM: “In a statement, Ellis said that under state law, the governor wasn’t required to disclose his cash compensation from because he had disclosed his company stock holdings earlier on the form. As for the other omissions, Ellis said the instructions on the ethics forms were unclear.”

    WHAT THE AP LEFT OUT: The governor answered the question (19a) correctly as it was plainly written. The State Ethics Commission recognized that the form needed to be changed and voted at the last commission meeting to rephrase the question on the 2015 SEI form.

    AP CLAIM: “McCrory also rebuffed calls earlier this year to disclose the full value of Duke Energy stock he owned following the Dan River coal ash spill.”

    WHAT THE AP LEFT OUT: The governor properly disclosed what he was required to by state law.

    AP CLAIM: “Despite his payments, McCrory did not recuse himself from naming the state banking director in the weeks before receiving his special dividend, or from naming eight commissioners to the regulatory agency 18 days later. In addition to licensing mortgage brokers, the commission investigates complaints, which are kept secret under state law unless they result in discipline.”

    WHAT THE AP LEFT OUT: The governor didn’t need to recuse himself as per state law. Instead, the AP is implying through shifty wordsmithing and editing – that the Governor took actions that benefitted – another example of irresponsible drive-by journalism. Further, the governor re-appointed the chair, which was appointed by the previous Democratic governor, and he has over 40 years of banking experience. See what the former Democratic governor who appointed Ray Grace had to say about Commissioner Grace:

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    Congratulations to Dyatt Smathers and Ray Lewis on their new positions with the Madison County Board of Elections.  Ray Lewis was sworn in by the Honorable Jim Baker as the newest Board Member on Wednesday, June 11th.  Ray’s first action was to nominate Dyatt Smathers as the new Chairman of the Board and Ray was then nominated to fill Dyatt’s former Secretary position.  We look forward to the upcoming elections in November.

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    Unbelievably Attorney General Roy Cooper is doubling down on his support for same-sex “marriage.”

    Last week we told you about his decision to headline a major fundraising event for EqualityNC – the very group that is pushing the challenge to our marriage amendment.

    Well this week the Attorney General announced that he personally supports same-sex “marriage”.

    This is the Attorney General that we are depending on to protect our Marriage Amendment and defend North Carolina’s Constitution in Court!

    To make matters worse, immediately following the Attorney General’s announcement yesterday that he supports allowing same-sex couples to marry, the Register of Deeds in Buncombe County announced that he would accept applications for marriage licenses for same-sex couples.

    This is a clear and deliberate violation of the law!

    It’s obvious we can’t depend on the Attorney General. Elected public officials are not allowed to violate the will of the majority of voters in North Carolina just because they do not like the law, and our Attorney General should not be parading around the State undermining the very laws he is charged with defending. 

    The Attorney General owes his allegiance to the people of our State who passed our marriage laws by referendum, not to his own political ambitions.

    We can’t depend on Roy Cooper to defend the amendment when he is clearly focusing on running for another political office.  This guy has already announced that he’s running for Governor in 2016.  We are paying him with our tax dollars to campaign for the next 3+years.

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    Press Release

    Governor, Senate, House Reach Historic Deal on Tax Reform

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 919-814-2100
    Monday, July 15, 2013

    Raleigh, NC- Governor Pat McCrory, Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) and House Speaker Thom Tillis (R-Mecklenburg) announced late this afternoon they have reached a historic agreement on tax reform.

    North Carolina has the fifth-highest unemployment rate in the country and needs tax reform to compete with neighboring states for job creation.

    “All of us were elected to change the status quo here in Raleigh and address problems head on,” said Governor Pat McCrory. “One of the biggest challenges we faced coming into office was working to help create jobs in the existing environment. This tax reform plan is a major step in restoring confidence in the economy so that employers start hiring again, and it will help us continue to attract new employers. Just as important, this tax reform will allow North Carolinians to put more money in their pocketbooks so that they can spend and invest in North Carolina.”

    The tax reform agreement provides fiscally-responsible tax relief to all North Carolinians. It will lower income tax rates for all taxpayers to 5.8% in 2014, allowing North Carolina families to keep more of their hard-earned dollars. The corporate tax will be reduced to 6.0% in 2014 to make North Carolina more attractive to job-creators.

    “Reforming a state’s tax code is no easy task in the face of a barrage of special interests fighting to preserve the special treatment they receive at the expense of all taxpayers,” said Senator Phil Berger. “We’ve seen several other states – Kansas, Louisiana and Nebraska – give it their best shot but miss the mark. I’m proud of what we’re achieving here in North Carolina – we are truly a positive model for the rest of the nation.”

    The tax reform proposal is fiscally responsible and provides reasonable revenue growth every year to meet the state’s budget needs. Since tax reform is expected to grow the state’s economy and bolster the tax base, further rate reductions could be triggered by revenue growth in 2016 and 2017. However, if for whatever reasons the tax revenue does not grow, the further reductions will not be triggered, ensuring that state revenue is preserved for public services.

    “This plan will provide tax relief for working families throughout North Carolina and will enable businesses to create jobs for our citizens,” said Speaker Thom Tillis. “Our state will become more competitive because of this tax reform legislation, and North Carolinians will have more dollars in their pockets. I congratulate everyone who had a role in this historic agreement, especially Representatives David Lewis and Julia Howard, who led this effort in the House.”

    “This plan reducing both personal and corporate income taxes combined with the General Assembly’s successful efforts last session to repeal the temporary sales tax accomplishes broad based tax relief that is unmatched in North Carolina’s history,” said Governor McCrory. “No other state has accomplished this level of tax reform this year and I would like to commend Speaker Tillis and Senator Berger for their hard work and congratulate them on reaching this agreement.”

    Tax Reform Proposal Highlights

    Personal Income Tax:

    • Reduces and simplifies the 3-tiered state personal income tax from the current maximum rate of 7.75% and minimum rate of 6% to 5.8% in 2014 and 5.75% in 2015.
    • Increases the standard deduction for all taxpayers, applied to the:

    1. First $15,000 of income for those married filing jointly

    2. First $12,000 of income for heads of household

    3. First $7,500 of income for single filers;

    • Retains the state child tax credit and increases it for families making less than $40,000;
    • Offers a $20,000 combined maximum deduction for mortgage interest and property taxes;
    • Makes charitable contributions fully deductible;
    • Protects all Social Security income from state taxes.
    Corporate Income Tax:

    • Reduces the corporate income tax from 6.9% to 6% in 2014 and then to 5% in 2015 a 29% rate reduction.
    • If the state meets revenue targets (i.e. if tax revenue grows due to a growing economy), the corporate income tax will drop to 4% in 2016 and 3% in 2017.
    Other Highlights:

    • Caps the state gas tax;
    • Eliminates North Carolina’s death tax;
    • Preserves the sales tax refund for nonprofits.

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