PRESS RELEASE Senator Ralph Hise
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEContact: Susan FanningApril 18, 2019
Democrats Idea of “Fair” Redistricting is to Create a Majority-Dem Commission
Measure is just another Dem power grab masked by nice-sounding words
Dems bill gives staff of Democratic Chief Justice power to accept or deny all potential members of new “citizens redistricting commission”
Commission would be comprised of majority Democrats 
Raleigh, N.C. – Legislative Democrats and liberal activist organizations today held a press conference promoting their latest attempted power grab. They masked the power grab in nice-sounding words like “fair maps” and “equal representation,” but the details of the proposal show it to be just another effort to give Democrats all power over redistricting.
The bill would establish a new “N.C. Citizens Redistricting Commission” to draw state and Congressional legislative districts. Democrats would have a majority on the commission. The proposal also filters every single potential appointee to the commission through the staff of the Governor Cooper-appointed Democratic Chief Justice, who would have the power to accept or reject applications.
Further, Democratic State Auditor Beth Wood would be responsible for proposing “special masters” to work for the commission. The special master would draw the maps.
Senator Ralph Hise (R-Mitchell), who chairs the Senate Redistricting and Elections Committee, said, “Liberal activist group Common Cause is currently leading a ridiculous lawsuit against the General Assembly, pretending their goal is ‘fair maps.’ Their appearance at today’s press conference reveals Common Cause’s true motives: to help Democrats give themselves more power.”
Hise continued, “This phony commission they’re promoting uses the same strategy as their lawsuit: Ask a group stacked with Democrats to draw new maps that give Democrats a majority. If their goal is nonpartisan redistricting, then why create a commission that gives Democrats control over everything?”

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